The Role of the Best Man and The Maid Of Honor In A Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days in a bride’s and groom’s life, and therefore they pick their best friend or an important person in their life to play a significant role on their special day. For the bride, this person would be her maid of honor, and for the groom, this person would be his best man. The maid of honor as well as the best man will have essential roles in the wedding and also in the days leading up to it. Below, we will be stating what kind of responsibilities a maid of honor and best man would usually have.

The Maid Of Honor

Maid of honor responsibilities

If you are nominated as maid of honor, one of your primary duties would be to always be available for the bride, anytime and any day. You should also help the bride select her wedding dress and also all of the bridesmaids’ dresses. You should also be sure that everything goes according to plan on the main day. The maid of honor also customarily assists the bride with all of her pre-wedding tasks from making sure the invites are sent out to selecting some of the best bridal shower gifts and even return gifts in the wedding. Your opinion can be useful even when choosing the wedding bouquets and the food options. On the day of the wedding, as maid of honor, you should stick by the bride and help her with her hair styling and make-up as well. You should be there to assist her in whatever she needs. Finally, either you or the best can be in charge of the rings. Sometimes one ring is given to the maid of honor and one to the best man.

Best man

Best man responsibilities

The best man should assist the groom with tuxedo fittings and also to choose other accessories which include choosing the cufflinks. As best man, you should plan a good bachelor party and be in charge of what goes on at the party. You should also arrange all activities like housing, transporting and handle the bachelor party costs as well. After all, the groom is your best friend. Alongside the maid of honor, the best man should also act as a witness to the marriage and sign on the marriage license. The best man should also help with all of the wedding stress if the groom is going through any of it. When the day of the wedding finally arrives, the best man should safely stow away the wedding rings (wedding bands) or keep it on his person until they are needed. The wedding bands must be very safe because a lot of effort has gone into buying it. They would have spent hours together in online stores like to zero down to the best. You can also assist the groom in getting ready for the big day. And finally, after the wedding is done, you should be the first to give the lovely couple a toast and wish them a happy and long married life.