Basic record equipment for a home studio

Development of technology has now enabled individuals to have recording studios in their homes – all you need is the set of the right equipment to record sound quality and you can have a proper diy recording studio desk in your home. So here’s a list of must-haves if you wish to set up a recording studio right at home:

A computer:
Preferably a computer with the latest version of operating software is the bare minimum requirement for you to set up your recording studio. The most recent version of the operating software will ensure that all the software required for sound recording and further processing can be easily installed in your PC.


Digital Audio Workstation:
Also known as DAW, this is the basic software you would require to record, edit and mix the sound you wish to process. DAW is the best software you can start off with. Not only is it easy to understand but the results are great too. So before you think of anything else, get DAW installed in your PC right away. And yes, DAW is very tough on your PC, so make sure you have top-class PC that will be able to put up with DAW.

The instrument in which you’re going to speak into! You need to have multiple microphones – each serving a different purpose. Get one which to record sounds, instruments and situations – one microphone for each will be just right. And no, there hasn’t been any technological development to replace the microphone, so yes, you have to get one for your recording studio.

You need to invest in a great pair of headphones – one that will give you the proper sound output and will allow you to make the necessary rectifications in the audio processing procedure. Closed back headphones and open back headphones both are required for your recording studio – so research thoroughly and zero down to the best you can get in your budget.


Studio monitors:
While studio monitors may resemble the good old speakers, keep in mind, they’re not. Studio monitors are an essential aspect of recording sound and work just right when it comes to accentuating sound frequencies to improve sound quality. There are tonnes of affordable options out there which are just great – so look out for something that fits your budget just right.

There we go, a few essentials for sound recording. As you progress further, you will need a more advanced tech to help you tune your sounds in a much better way.