A photo is meant to make sure that a certain memory is preserved to be cherished. There are man ways one can make sure that they are on top of their game when it comes to finding the right picture, which can allow you to take a great picture. We have gathered some tips that will help ensure that you take a great picture.

Be your own director

It is important that you take control of the picture to make sure that you get the right-click. Make sure that you have an idea of the picture that you need and make everybody go according to the plan. This is one way to make sure that you have the right kind of help when you are looking to make sure that you are leaning towards the camera. There are many pictures which can help you understand the way you can get the winning picture.

Take vertical pictures

There are many ways that you can make sure that you have the right pic when your camera is set in the vertical mode. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you have the right amount of background which will still keep the focus on the subject, allowing you to capture a pic which will stay relevant.

The light

Light is one of the most important parts of photography which will make sure that you have the right kind of appearance on the photograph. Having sunshine fall on the face is good as it can make sure that your face is clear. Make sure that you have no shadows covering your face, which can ruin the whole picture. You can also make sure that you move the subject itself to something which can make the whole picture look as organic as possible.

Know the flash range

This is one mistake that every amateur does as most pictures will be taken beyond the maximum flash range, which can appear to be very dark in the end result. Try to move towards the subject to enhance the face allowing for a better click. Try to make sure that you pic and Photo Corner which can help enlighten the whole picture with the subject being the focus.


If your subject does not stand in the centre, you need to make sure that you have the right focus set. It is very common to see that if the subject is clear, the whole focus shifts to the subject rather than the object in the centre of the image. You need to make sure that you set the focus on the subject and lock your camera to it and make sure that you have the best picture in your hand.


The Role of the Best Man and The Maid Of Honor In A Wedding


A wedding is one of the most important days in a bride’s and groom’s life, and therefore they pick their best friend or an important person in their life to play a significant role on their special day. For the bride, this person would be her maid of honor, and for the groom, this person would be his best man. The maid of honor as well as the best man will have essential roles in the wedding and also in the days leading up to it. Below, we will be stating what kind of responsibilities a maid of honor and best man would usually have.

The Maid Of Honor

Maid of honor responsibilities

If you are nominated as maid of honor, one of your primary duties would be to always be available for the bride, anytime and any day. You should also help the bride select her wedding dress and also all of the bridesmaids’ dresses. You should also be sure that everything goes according to plan on the main day. The maid of honor also customarily assists the bride with all of her pre-wedding tasks from making sure the invites are sent out to selecting some of the best bridal shower gifts and even return gifts in the wedding. Your opinion can be useful even when choosing the wedding bouquets and the food options. On the day of the wedding, as maid of honor, you should stick by the bride and help her with her hair styling and make-up as well. You should be there to assist her in whatever she needs. Finally, either you or the best can be in charge of the rings. Sometimes one ring is given to the maid of honor and one to the best man.

Best man

Best man responsibilities

The best man should assist the groom with tuxedo fittings and also to choose other accessories which include choosing the cufflinks. As best man, you should plan a good bachelor party and be in charge of what goes on at the party. You should also arrange all activities like housing, transporting and handle the bachelor party costs as well. After all, the groom is your best friend. Alongside the maid of honor, the best man should also act as a witness to the marriage and sign on the marriage license. The best man should also help with all of the wedding stress if the groom is going through any of it. When the day of the wedding finally arrives, the best man should safely stow away the wedding rings (wedding bands) or keep it on his person until they are needed. The wedding bands must be very safe because a lot of effort has gone into buying it. They would have spent hours together in online stores like to zero down to the best. You can also assist the groom in getting ready for the big day. And finally, after the wedding is done, you should be the first to give the lovely couple a toast and wish them a happy and long married life.

Basic record equipment for a home studio

Music recorder

Development of technology has now enabled individuals to have recording studios in their homes – all you need is the set of the right equipment to record sound quality and you can have a proper diy recording studio desk in your home. So here’s a list of must-haves if you wish to set up a recording studio right at home:

A computer:
Preferably a computer with the latest version of operating software is the bare minimum requirement for you to set up your recording studio. The most recent version of the operating software will ensure that all the software required for sound recording and further processing can be easily installed in your PC.


Digital Audio Workstation:
Also known as DAW, this is the basic software you would require to record, edit and mix the sound you wish to process. DAW is the best software you can start off with. Not only is it easy to understand but the results are great too. So before you think of anything else, get DAW installed in your PC right away. And yes, DAW is very tough on your PC, so make sure you have top-class PC that will be able to put up with DAW.

The instrument in which you’re going to speak into! You need to have multiple microphones – each serving a different purpose. Get one which to record sounds, instruments and situations – one microphone for each will be just right. And no, there hasn’t been any technological development to replace the microphone, so yes, you have to get one for your recording studio.

You need to invest in a great pair of headphones – one that will give you the proper sound output and will allow you to make the necessary rectifications in the audio processing procedure. Closed back headphones and open back headphones both are required for your recording studio – so research thoroughly and zero down to the best you can get in your budget.


Studio monitors:
While studio monitors may resemble the good old speakers, keep in mind, they’re not. Studio monitors are an essential aspect of recording sound and work just right when it comes to accentuating sound frequencies to improve sound quality. There are tonnes of affordable options out there which are just great – so look out for something that fits your budget just right.

There we go, a few essentials for sound recording. As you progress further, you will need a more advanced tech to help you tune your sounds in a much better way.

Evolution of Head Phones

Today headphones have become a common thing. It has contributed a lot to an individual’s privacy and listening to things without disturbing others. We are now using earphones with some great facilities like noise cancelation, Bluetooth and so on.  When it comes to headphones, it took more than a century to reach where we are now. Today almost everyone just takes the wire plug it in our mobile and forget what is happening around us. But the development in headphones was not that easy and quick. It was a very slow and gradual process.

Any discussion about headphones will be like which studio headphones are good to mix music and which the most expensive headphone and so on. Here we will discuss the evolution of headphones.



The beginning

It was at the beginning of the 1980s that headphones came into existence. Back in the days, it was a huge speaker that was held near the ears. These headphones were very much dedicated for communication purpose. A few years later it was transformed into electrophone. It was connected to a switchboard. People all over London were able to hear some live performances. This was the first subscription method in the entertainment industry. The cost was five pounds a year.


It is hard to believe that for nearly two decades nothing much happened. But many say a lot of people were involved in research to make some modifications in the headphones. In the year 1937 Beyerdynamic which was manufacturing microphones and speakers came up with first headphones. These headphones were totally dedicated to personal listening.

It was Beyerdynamic that created a wider reach of headphones among the common people. Until then the headphones were very much confined to the upper class of the society. The DT 48 was an on-ear headphone with a metal band and cables.

In 1939 AKG came up with K120 Headphones. It is one of the highest selling headphones of all time. It had great sound quality and also looked good.

The Jazz-Koss revolution

The world-renowned jazz musician John Koss is one the main reason for the survival of headphones. Koss came up with his own design and invented Koss SP 3. It was the first of its kind with stereo over-ear headphones.  It came with a soft cloth wrapped around it.

During the 1960s and the ’70s, Koss had absolute dominance in the headphone sector. It had eighty percent share in the US market and more than sixty percent share in the world market. One of the biggest names that were associated with Koss was the Beatles.

The beginning of the modern era

In 1979 Sony came up with a masterpiece called the Sony Walkman, which was a portable audio cassette player.  The device came with the headphones packed with it. This laid the strong basement in for Sony to be a strong contender in the audio manufacturing industry.

Soon after that many brands such as Phillips and Onkyo entered the headphone market. Their headphones were of good quality at an affordable price.

The Fashion Factor

Since there was a heavy competition in the industry, people not just wanted headphones with the good quality they also demanded something that would look good on them. Sony was the first brand to introduce the behind the neckband in headphones. Sennheiser came up with open back head transducer headphones.

The Pro League

There were certain brands like Bose and Beyerdynamic that were dedicated to meet the needs of professionals. Bose came up with this amazing technology of noise cancelation. These brands became very common among the professionals because of the quality that they offered.

The new kids in the block

There were a lot of brands emerging in the market in the late 1990s and at the beginning of 2000 that offered good quality and looked cool. Brands like Skull Candy, Boat and Beats were targeted more on the young generation. They gained instant popularity because of the connection that they were able to make among the people.

The top 5 things you’ll see on a Na Pali Coast Tour

If you want to go on a fun and informative tour, then Na Pali Coast tour is the perfect option for you. You’re going to find several crews that are offering amazing services. All the crews are focused on providing you the excellent quality services and they try to take good care of their guests by making sure that they stay safe and secure throughout the journey.

The captains of the ships are very professional. So, you’re going to feel very comfortable during this tour. Nā Pali Coast Tours may appear to be a little bit expensive but once you go there, you’ll realize that it is totally worth it because there are lots of amazing things that you can see during your journey. Here is a list of things that you’re going to see during your Na Pali Coast Tour.

Beautiful Landscape

If you’re going to the hiking track, you’ll see lots of beautiful landscapes there. You can capture as many photographs as you want but don’t waste your time in just one spot because there are so many beautiful spots on this island, and there’s a reason this is one of the most popular Kauai tours there is, because it offers up enough picturesque landscapes for you to keep capturing photographs for many days. So, you should capture some limited photographs to save some memory for the next spots.


If you’re going to visit Na Pali Coast during the summer season, chances are that you’ll be able to see the rainbow at least once in a day. And the rainbow colors are so clear and bright that they look extremely amazing when you capture a photograph in your camera.


There are many waterfalls in this beautiful piece of land. And the beauty of these waterfalls is that they are all unique and different from each other. If you’re going on a boat tour, you can even stand under these waterfalls to capture some photographs. Make sure that your camera is water resistant otherwise, it will get damaged.

Beautiful Sunset

The Na Pali Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the earth where sunset looks extremely amazing. You must consider going to the boat tour in the evening if you want to see the beautiful sunset. And the scenery is so much amazing that you’ll love going to this beautiful place again and again. Even the guides feel very happy when they see the sunset.


If you’re going on a boat tour, you’ll see many dolphins and sharks during your journey. The dolphins will jump in and out of the water after watching your ship in a way of greeting you. You’ll love this amazing moment and you’ll definitely love to capture it in your camera. Click Here and see some other things that you can see on a Na Pali Coast Tour.